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Revive Kitchen Renovations and Makeovers

At Revive Concepts we can complete your kitchen renovation for a fraction of the cost of a full replacement.

By replacing doors & panels, overlaying benchtops with stone, updating splashbacks, modifying layouts or any combination of these you can achieve a brand new look

We offer a range of products and services aimed at ‘reviving’ your home. If your kitchen or bathroom is in need of a face-lift, a full kitchen renovation, or you just always wanted granite benchtops, we can offer a range of options to ‘revive’ your existing kitchen without the need to remove the existing bench tops, cabinetry, or structure.

By eliminating the need for demolition, you avoid the “can of worms” effect, which many kitchen renovations suffer from, where costs can escalate with unexpected repairs and extra works, that were unforseen.

Our products and services are not only aimed at kitchen remodelling. Whether you are building a new modern contemporary kitchen, or a classic, traditional timber and granite kitchen, we have an engineered stone product or new cabinet door option that will suit your needs.

Installation times on site are usually reduced to a few days, a much more convenient prospect, when compared with being without a kitchen for a number of weeks if replacing entirely. The process is also more environmentally friendly, and we try to use Australian made products wherever possible.

Design Ideas

Our approach is to upgrade the look and functionality of your kitchen (or bathroom / laundry cabinetry), accommodate any new requirements, such as appliance upgrades, or addition of drawers, pantry, etc. We can work through your "wishlist" and find the best solution for your needs, while maintaining as much of your existing cabinetry and structure as possible. Every element of your kitchen that is visible will be new, and if any cabinetry is in poor condition this can be replaced at the same time. A kitchen makeover or face-lift is often around half the cost of an equivalent new kitchen. In addition by not removing the entire kitchen you usually eliminate or reduce the need to replace elements such as flooring, walls, bulkheads / cornices, existing splashbacks, and other elements that meet the kitchen surfaces, which are commonly effected when demolishing existing kitchens.

Commonly using products, such as vinyl wrap doors, engineered stone, and glass splash-backs, give you a luxurious kitchen, but options such as 2 pack re-sprays, high gloss acrylic, laminate doors and panels, and various handle and hardware options allow us to customize your kitchen makeover to your specific needs.

Our products are not only suited to kitchens. We can use the same  products in bathrooms, laundries, showers, bath hobs, vanities, floors, stairs, and more. The possibilities are endless.

We can create slab ends / waterfalls, serveries, extend benchtops, build countertops, bartops, or any other work surfaces, new island bench or worktops. We can also complete your make-over by replacing cupboard doors and panels, modifying cabinets, adding drawers, modifications to accommodate new appliances etc

Doors and Panels

Various products are used when replacing doors and panels such as laminates, high gloss acrylic, vinyl wrap, timber and 2 pack paint. Plain doors as well as patterns can be used, with options of textures, matt or gloss finishes. New hardware such as hinges and handles are used, and things like drawer runners can be upgraded if required.

Engineered Stone

engineered or reconstituted stone overlay is manufactured from a combination of natural stones, granite, and quartz. This allows for a wide variety of colors and styles to be produced. Other elements such as glass, semi-precious stones, and pearl shells can also be added to create a stunning effect.

The engineered stone sheets are engineered to be flexible, and when this is combined with our installation procedure, which involves bonding the stone sheets completely to your old bench top, or a new substrate, the strength achieved is much higher than solid stone or thicker engineered stones. This also means that edge thickness can be made to suit your needs or taste. Practically any edge thickness can be achieved with out the need to laminate strips, or a big increase in cost.

The result is a stunning, durable finish, with minimal disruption to your schedule. In most cases our installers are in and out, with your kitchen renovation completed in 1-2 days.

Thinking Green

In today’s climate we all like to consider the environmental impact, and sustainability of what we do. We all try to reduce our carbon footprint, and try to use a ‘greener’ product. At Revive Concepts, we have chosen products, which are more sustainable when compared to thicker 20mm solid stones or 20mm thick engineered stone.

Simply by having a product which is about one third of the weight and thickness of other products, we are reducing the amount of material being quarried, and using less energy to do it.

We can recycle and re-use material which solid stone manufacturers would put into landfill. Three times more stock can be transported at a time, reducing emissions by two-thirds. Our procedures of utilizing parts or all of your existing kitchen structure also helps to reduce landfill, and logging.


Our products and services are of the highest quality available and will not only ‘revive’ your home, but will also ‘revive’ your lifestyle as you gain a new enthusiasm for entertaining family and friends.
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